Currently, I am a PostDoc in the research group of René L. Schilling and Anita Behme at the TUD Dresden University of Technology. Until March 2024, I was a PostDoc with Matthias Schwarz at the University of Leipzig and before in the research group of Max v. Renesse. In January 2021, I defended my thesis as a PhD assistant in the research group of Anton Thalmaier at the University of Luxembourg. My research is concerned with Stochastic Differential Geometry, i.e. the interplay of stochastic analysis und differential geometry. As a relatively young and interdisciplinary subject this area uses stochastic methods in order to explore classical analytical problems on manifolds. The deep connection between the Laplacian as generator of Brownian motion seemlessly opens ways to study the whole manifold by virtue of the paths of this stochastic process. Moreover, stochastic methods can be used to solve problems where analytic methods may fail.

From March 2017 to February 2020, I was the PhD represenative of the mathematics research unit in the Doctoral Programme Mathematics and Applications at the University of Luxembourg and created a little, responsive website covering all coordinates about our PhD seminar.